The New Logo and the Garden Gate


A logo is a stamp, it's a way to brand who you are and what you represent.  In designing the Villa Vigneto Texas logo, we thought it was important that the logo have meaning, something special and unique to this home.  

We found that meaning in the Garden Gate.  Imported from France, the Garden Gate was found at Discovery Architectural Antiques in Gonzales, Texas.  The center of the gate has a very old grate, a beautiful piece of ironwork that allows the visitor to peak into the Trellis Courtyard and enjoy the view.  

Thanks to Web Designer Simeon Kartov of Bulgaria, the ironwork became the focal point of the logo that allowed us to display our name and describe the home perfectly:  

Villa Vigneto Texas - A European Style Country House

We hope you will come and visit Villa Vigneto and see the Garden Gate.  It is one of the pleasures of the Trellis Courtyard, a place to enter and exit as you take your morning walk or evening stroll around the property.