When You Mix Music and Giving ......

......you create this ethereal kind of beauty that lifts your heart and fills your soul.  And that's exactly what occurred at Villa Vigneto Texas as the sounds of Ley Line, a multilingual folk and soul band performed to support GirlForward.   As an Austin and Chicago based non-profit, GirlForward creates a place for refugee teenage girls to explore their identities, practice their English, and learn about the world around them.  

The beauty of the space, the international sound of Ley Line's outstanding musicians, and the donations provided by warm-hearted guests allowed goodness and love to dominate.  

Ley Line Performs Their Beautiful Music at Villa Vigneto Texas

Ley Line Performs Their Beautiful Music at Villa Vigneto Texas

The event was inspired by a mother and her four children who arrived as refugees from Afghanistan in April, 2016.  Through a relationship that started with  our weekly tutoring of the youngest children, this wonderful family has since been woven into the fabric of our hearts.  Now, as their family mentors, we continue to be inspired by their courage, their devotion to their faith and their love.

As Emillie, Kate, Madeleine, and Lydia of Ley Line played their beautiful and unique instruments, singing songs from South America, Africa, and beyond, we came to appreciate the differences in our cultural backgrounds and realize that by coming together and giving financially we are promoting world peace in our own small and unique way.  

We thank everyone who attended the first Villa Vigneto Texas Benefit Concert and we look forward to this being an annual event to continue a legacy of music and giving.  It is a combination so powerful and important to the art of enjoying our journey in life and helping others to enjoy it as well.  

You can find more information on GirlForward by going to www.girlforward.org and be sure to explore the sounds of Ley Line for yourself....they are a musical delight with great talent and a marvelous, beautiful sound.   www.leylinesound.com