Remembering Spring During Summer

Since the dog days of Summer are upon us here in Texas, it is refreshing to remember the beauty of  our Spring.....the cooler mornings, the robustness of our wildflowers and the floral smell of new buds on the lemon tree.  The small bed of lavender we have on the property was in full bloom and it was stunning in the evening light.   



The most joyous part of Spring as it moves into Summer is the birth of our baby deer.  Villa Vigneto Texas has become a safe haven for these little ones as we had 3, then 4 and up to 5 being born right before our eyes! 


Our flowering cactus sat majestically on the front stoop and I dared any deer to take a bite!  What a pleasant surprise when they heeded my glare and allowed it to cycle through its full bloom.

IMG_5857 (2).JPG

So since we get a little warm here in the Hill Country as we roll into Summer, we'll garden a little earlier and find a shady spot to "sit for a spell", then with a cold glass of iced tea in our hand.... we reminisce of our lovely Spring.