On Becoming a Lemon Farmer

I’d like to say that being a lemon farmer is a lonely and boring job, but in fact it is quite fun so long as you delight as I do, in the unfolding of tiny little blossoms that sprout tiny lemon buds…… and the patience to watch them grow into lovely tart yet sweet, beautiful lemons.

As each guest arrives, part of the welcome tour includes a short walk to the yard where the lemon trees reside; the place they live year round now that their pots are too heavy and too big to move anywhere!

IMG_7808 (2).JPG

This year, we harvested around 150 lemons from our two trees that are now about 12 years old. Enough to make many little bottles of our organic Lemoncello that I happily give to friends, family, and of course, my wonderful guests as a remembrance of their stay at Villa Vigneto Texas.


Our partner in our Lemoncello endeavors is Dripping Springs Vodka, the only American Vodka a few years back to have won the Vodka Purity Trophy at the International Wine and Spirit competition. It is the smoothest vodka around and perfect to blend with the fruity flavors of mandarin orange and standard lemon which creates the signature taste of a Meyer lemon.

So for those of you who have stayed with us before and have seen the lemons in the making, it’s time to come back and enjoy our Villa Vigneto Lemoncello! Or, if you’ve just discovered us, consider a trip to enjoy this special place and you’ll get to see next season’s buds just starting to blossom. But hurry, our seasonal Lemoncello supply is going fast!



Proprietor, Villa Vigneto Texas